Daniel Fast Day 1

I have such a headache.  Is it because of not eating meat and carbs? Could be.  I cheated a little.  I ate some Tomato Bisque soup.  It was so good and creamy.  I'm sure bisque means there's some cream or something.  I'm so full.  I've been super thirsty.  My skin looks great except the spot on my arm where my eczema breakout is. 
I'm not gonna let my cheat stop me from continuing my goal.  I'm blessed and pleased.  Just wanna do better.  I have not been tithing.  I shoud be.  Perhaps start with 5 %.  I used to tithe.  Why did I stop?
Food Diary
Breakfast Apples and peanut butter
Snack Carrots
Lunch Salad with dressing/Tomato bisque
Snack Pistacios