Cutting again

Cut in three places yesterday,
Cut in two places today,
It's only getting deeper and deeper.
When I first started all this shit in 8th grade
I was only rubbing things against my skin, scissors,
finger nails, dried out markers, etc. Mostly scissors.
I didn't do it enough to bleed, just rub off all my skin in
that area, making it raw and painful. This continued for
a while but now I'm not scared of blood, I drag an exacto knife
against my soft skin, it bleeds and bleeds and bleeds, it doesn't hurt
until after, but only momentarily. Then the pain is gone, I wipe
the blood away and wrap it with sports wrap, the sticky
kind that athletes use. I'm running out of bandages.
I need to cut now. i need to. Fuckkkkkk!
Help me!