Created A New Goal

I have an issue with saying what I want and sticking to it. Joseph and I always have this issue and it has gotten so bad that now he flicks me so I can stop being so indecisive.  Example: Joseph: What do you feel like having for dinner babe? Krissy: I feel like pasta. What do you feel like having? Joseph: I asked you what you wanted so lets go have pasta. Krissy: But what if you dont want pasta?? Do you want pasta?? I want what you want, I can go for anything it doesnt even matter to me lets just go where you want to go and... ****FLICK FLICK**** Krissy: Okay okay I want pasta lets go have pasta, sheeeez.... I have created a goal to stop second guessing what is being asked of me and just give my opinion when I feel it. I think too much about others and what they want because I dont really care what I want. I feel like I can go for anything at anytime. I think this stems from my mothers abuse and her never really caring for what I wanted so I dont care either. I always had my mind made up for me and never given a chance to speak on what I would like. It didnt matter what I wanted because I wasnt paying. I need to correct that and care because my opinions ARE important.