Counting the Days

Our winter wonderland is still with us. But the temps are suppose to go up for the next few days and this should take care of all the ice on the trees. I hope it gets rid of some of it on the ground as walking is treacherous. I really feel sorry for the elderly that have to try and get around in this. One slip and they could break a hip. Well, it is 9:12 and I have delivered the boys to school. I have even gotten all of my journals and emails answered. Yahoo!!!I did not get on line at all yesterday. My hubby and I  went to my girlfriend’s house, the one I am doing the renovations for, he was doing some carpentry work for them. The window needed to be boxed in and molding put around it. Plus the floor needed to have the trim installed. There is more to be done but they ran out of wood. Michael will finish it up next Sunday and maybe even help her husband start laying the laminate flooring. I am so... lucky to have a hubby that can do all this. Her hubby is not very inclined when it comes to carpentry. They made us a lovely spaghetti dinner. I brought dessert. I made chocolate dumplings in chocolate sauce. Delicious!!!!I have a  man coming this morning to give me a quote on doing some major drywalling and painting in my upstairs hall/office. My hubby and I would normally do this but because we live in a one and a half story the stairwell runs right into a slanted wall. You need special staging to do this and so it is easier to get a professional that has all the tools do it. I want to have it done some time the second week in April. We will clear the room right out and remove the carpet. I will be laying a new floor after the painting is done. Yeah... another piece of carpet gone, one room to go!!!I am counting the days until the cruise, 21 days and we will be winging our way to Miami. I can hardly wait to be in the sunshine for 7 days. I am also really excited because we have a balcony suite. I will be able to sit out and watch the stars and the ocean during the wee hours of the morning with a coffee and a smoke.I will leave you with this quote.. " To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it’s best, night and day, to make you everybody else, means to fight the hardest battle any human being can fight; AND NEVER STOP FIGHTING." ee cummings 1955