Luis I have been praying that I get a new job and be able to rent the house because the memories are over whelming since you did everything in this house.  Of course you know I have mom here and she is 90, thank God in good shape.  It's still very hard to come home to this house and I was wanting to re-locate closer to my relatives which are 2 hours away, of course my sister is here which is a great thing.  I have been working part time and it's been tough financially trying to make ends meet and just being here.  The market being so bad it's not a good time to sell so I keep struggling with the house in more ways than one.  The other night as I went to bed I just opened the bible and decided to read whatever chapter came open.  Well the one it opened was Kings 4, titled The Widow's Oil, unbelievable, after reading it I thought maybe there's a change coming my way positive I hope.  Several days later I received a call about a job and they hired me on the spot which made me so happy, I have been praying for a full time job the hours are great and 4 miles away, but also, that very evening I received a call from a friend of mine who is a wonderful christian woman she and her husband you remember her Brenda, they have helped me so much, anyway they sold their house and want to rent mine.  The only catch is that they need it by Jan.5th, I just don't know what to do now.  Both prayers have been answered but, the timing is a little crazy, I need to find another place to live like now and pack up a 4br house and garage Luis how can I do all of this?  I need help and suggestions, this would be an opportunity for me to hold on to my house a little longer and of course start my new job and as you know I hate the thought of being here alone if something were to happen to mom because 2 losses in this house would put me under.  The thought of starting fresh in a different place with my own identity is a positive for me.  I need help and prayer please you being in heaven can ask God to guide me as I have.  This of course will delay the move closer to my son and my other relatives and family support is very important especially with my elderly mom. 
Don't know what to do if anyone has some insight please feel free. Hugs to all Lisa