I think that the first thing I should work on is compliments. The little things is what I have to work with first. Compliments that people give me is a start. I'll just think it through and accept it then say thank you for the compliment. Sounds easy and I know what to do. Just doing it will be difficult. I will try to do the best I can. I already sort of did. My mom complimented me about my grade in math and how good it is. First of all I was just gonna whimper and say that I wasn't good in math. But, then I remembered that I want's gonna be like that anymore. So, I just said thank you and said to myself in my head to just feel good about it. I was trying to and I eventually did. That makes me feel really good because I always had a hard time in math and now I'm finally starting to understand a little of it.  
Now when someone says something negatively about me. I'm just going to breathe and not tear up and not gonna let it effect me in anyway. Such as, saying that I'm not a great drummer or violinist. I know that I'm not a professional but I know that I don't suck either. I'm just trying to do all this and I'm doing a good job so far.