checking in on the planet.

There is a huge ORANGE sign out says TREE WORK AHEAD.  THEY'RE BACK!  This is a very noisy chore.........glad they are taking care of business  - will be gladder still when they cross the finish line on this project. They started at 8 am.......oh goody.
I was doing some odds & ends reading the other day.  In the county where I live 1/3 of all residents are employed by the county.  Does that even seem possible?  It must be, this was written by county officials.  That seems like a really high number.........of the just under 900,000 residents..........over 300,000 work for county.......huh.  Back in the 70's the 400 & some square miles of this county held some 70,000 residents.  Now we're getting closer and closer to the million residents landmark........all sharing the same number of miles.  That is phenomenal growth in that amount of time.....especially if  you look at say........Montana, Wyoming or the Dakotas. 
Slowly, bit by bit a couple of guys are working on the house next door.  Fixing the structure.  I try not to look over there too much cause it makes my tidy buttons itch.  Yup, tidy buttons, a strong desire for order (my Grandma had more influence than I like to admit.  She was an everything has a place, everything in it's place kind of woman)...........I want to clean up the yard.  Since I can't.......I want to lead others into yard tidying battle..........but that is not my jurisdiction.  Some things happen even slower than me if that can be imagined.  Eventually it will come together and get better.  Want that house to be loved again........have a family in it.  See it come back to life.......many other homes in our neighborhood have ........ so I'll keep praying, it can and it will happen.
I have to go to the pharmacy today..........right now I need a nap, so I'm gonna........I can't keep my eyelids up any longer.............I'm yawning like I'm going for a Guinness Book of World Records.  I can do it........nap, rise, shower, dress.........go get meds.  That's the plan. 
Still grinning from popping the birthday balloons last night.......that was my aftertheOscars Party! goofy stuff still......always.  Have a good day ya'll!



I know about noisey tree work, and yard work, and road work! We live on a busy road, in a not so large town, so it seems that somebody is always tearing something down or building something up!! After the Blizzard and NorEaster in October things REALLY went downhill. Now we have the tree CHOPPERS out in full force still cleaning up from damage done months ago. UGH! And in this town they are allowed to start at SEVEN. Goodness. Many a time I\'m just going to bed at 7 a.m. This is not a workable plan! I hear ya!!!

This is Tuesday, so I hope you day went as planned yesterday, and you got your shower and got out and got your meds.

Today is a yucky day in Joisey! If you have any balloons left, pop\'um fer me, wouldja!! Tanks!