Cheating In My Dreams

I'm in a long term relationship, happily in it?  Not really at this moment.  But I'm in it, and I have always been faithful to any partner I commit myself to.  I am completley monogomous.
For the past few weeks every time I go to bed I dream of being in relationships with other people!!  Not those sexy dreams people talk about where you meet a hot, topless man on a haiwaiin beach and you have one night of passion.  No, my dreams are about being with a man who cooks at my place, and who takes me to the movies.
They always start with me leaving Joey.  It doesn't matter how, one dream maybe I just packed up and left, another dream we mutually decided to split.  And I always rent the same apartment in every dream, there is always the same furniture.  And Marlow is in all my dreams, she always leaves with me.  Plus, she is always around age 2 or 3.  Not as young as she is now.
Then, it's weird and a bit embarassing, but there are only three guys I dream about.  One is a guy I grew up with, we were never friends, and I have no idea what he is doing in life now.  One is Joey's best friend(gulp, I have no idea why he is in there) and the third is a guy named Jessie who I have never met in my life, but he always is the same in the dreams.
We never do anything more in the dreams but hold hands.  We go places, and they do things for me, like laundry and cooking lol.  In one dream I go to a pool and we go swimming, it is always myself, the guy, and Marlow.  And the guy always takes an active part in her care.
I wake up feeling happy momentarily, then guilty!  I know you can't control your dreams, and I have no idea why I am having these, but it is starting to bother me.  Joey and I fight all the time now, we haven't been intimate in weeks, we barely talk to each other, and here I am going to sleep to be with other men!  It's actually causing me to lose sleep and my appetite is next to none.
I hope they go away soon!