I used to have a fear of flying.  Now I just have a fear of crashing.  It's one of the things I've discovered about death.  When it comes right down to it, most people are not afraid of death.  Talk to an athiest and he'll tell you there's nothing when you die.  Who'd be afraid of that.  Ask a believer and they'll tell you that you'll be with God.  Some would say Jesus.  Some would say Allah. Some would say Yaweh.   Either way, it sounds like a great place to be.
But dying is another thing.
There are so many horrible ways to go; quick or slow, most of us have a certain amount of fear regarding it. 
After my husband passed, I became like a lot of people left behind.  I spent hours thinking how wonderful it would be to be with my husband.  Of course, you can't share that information with others.  They just don't understand.  They think, oh, she's suicidal.  But no way would me, an ex-Catholic, ever think of killing myself.  But oh, if God could come by one night and give me a pain-free transition, and I get to wake up and see Jesus and every great person who ever existed and ended up in Heaven--well--what's not to like?  But what is there to like in dying?
Don't get me wrong.  I like living here on earth too.  God created it and I'ld be willing to stick around and enjoy it, but somewhere in the bible--and I'll paraphrase this, to be absent in the flesh is to be in God's presence.
Anyhow, I think we bereaved have an inside track on this death issue.  Most of us are not suicidal, and would be afraid of the dying part.  We just want to see our loved ones--all of them.  When mom passed, I used to say, most of us complain about dying, but it's our transportation to be with God.
That's my two cents for the day.



Very well said, Tru!
I look forward with great anticipation and excitement to one day be in Heaven, with my Lord Jesus and also my darling Bob!! i would be ready if He came right now to take me home!! heaven will be totally amazing and more wonderful than we can ever imagine.
But, I also don\'t want to suffer... and I pray God will spare us from that!!
Hugs, Linda

I agree we are not afraid of dying and we are not sucidal. We jsut want to be with our loved one. What you said was beautiful. Jean

The ones left behind are the ones who feel the loss.
The ones who have died, do not feel our loss.
To be absent in the flesh is to be present with the Lord. I love that saying.
I am not afraid of dying. What I am afraid of is how am I going to die? I guess that is what most of us are afraid of is the \"how\" part. There is the quick and instant way of dying like a car accident, a tumor exploded in your head etc. The slow ways is through cancer or a prolonged illness. No one really wants the prolonged illness nor cancer.
Life is good and bad. My life is great in a lot of ways but sucks in a lot of ways as well. It\'s in balance. I just need a job that is easy accessible by public transportation as I do not drive. Is that asking too much? I don\'t think so. Anyways we can always complain about things. It\'s appreciating what we have in life that is the hardest but the best thing we can do for ourselves. My faith in God through Jesus Christ has kept me living on this planet or I would have been dead a long time ago. It is my personal feeling right or wrong. I am surprised I have made it this far in life. God isn\'t finished with me yet. All the best and I hope you have a great day from Diane B.