Celebrating 2 years of being a DS memeber?

Hi I will welcome hugs ect & suportive coments ect from any one .Friends & othersall. I have just been looking at my intro page as if i were a visiter to DS & was suprisingly shocked to find out that I have been a member here for 2 years  from the 13.4.07 to the 13.4.09 this years & still am clearly. That is a good reason to celebrate some thing conected with Ds & a member. Im sure there maybe folk who have been here longer but that too is still a good reason to celebrate if they want to. Im doing it now by writting this jurnal &  welcoming any  relevent & suportive coments ect from any one . Friends or non friends. I have written a few jurnals in that time. No doupt helped a few people too even withthe aid of my profiles & jurnals. My hug mesaged replies to others  and so on. I wish togo on doing that, I think it would be a good thing if the DS team kept all the t stuff I have written on here for as long as this site exists even if I shoulg leave or be un an able to return in person. My profiles Jurnals coments  mesages  & topicks . Even thoes I have left on groups I have joined and so on. My photoes too. They shoud be kept  on the system for all to see & continue to be  influenced inspired encouraged & helped by ect for years to come. Saying that I also feel that the DS team sould do the same with all members profisle ect even thoes who have left or are going to ect. If they were all put together  in a relevent order like a on line arcive or some thing then there would be enough info there from alll of them to  go on helping many whith what ever.. I for one would like to know that  no matter waht happens to me  my profiles ect will be kept on line in some way for that reason.. At leat I would be leaving some thing behine that benefits others. You may say  (What a  heart of GOLD i have. I say well maybe  I do.. You can pass this idea on to others even the DS team. and to others who are  going to leave or are thinking of it ect. I always say  to such folk why not stay & help  others ?. If any one feels they have beeen helped to get to where they feel they need to be with what ever then there is still options open to them. One is to either come back even if they need a refreshing  back up or /& to cary on helping others. We all should put thease Ideas across to as many as we can. You can refer them to my jurnal here to save you having to say all of this ect LOL. Take care all my friends & others & thank yoo even for your friendship & suport so far. May it continue as will my suport to you & others?.  Graham from Scotland