Cathymae Needs friends

Hi ll. I think it would be good if we all helpedothers to fid more friends as there could by a list of reasons why some may be finding it hard to even start to do or a slow daunting prossess..We can do it even while talking to our own friends on here. There are amny ways that it can be done.Put our selfs in that  persons place. Some of us have maybe  experienced it too at some point. AFTER ALL WE WERE ALL NEW HERE AT ONE TIME. Lets start doing some thing about it now. Lets make that change that is so much needed on here for others and any future members who join from now on as well as present ones. We ca even ask any one who  we are in contact with in any way on here if they are strugling to make friends if we feel it sound s  or looks like they might be. We must not aume that any one is  finding it easy to do Cathymae  IS ONE WHO DOES NEED HELP TO GET MORE FRIENDS. you could add your self as one. YOU  could pass the word and try to get others to do the same. for her and others too. This would even be a good encouragement for people to stay. Im sure some have left because of their struggle to make friend  on top of their strugle with what ever they were suffering from or going through that brought them here to start with.. WHO KNOW?.. But if that be true or not. the point it prevension is better than cure. We can al help to prevent it happening/ .Tacke care ///Graham