Catching up

 Hello, friends, just dropping by with a quick hello. I have not been on line and I have 88 new messages. There is no way I can respond to them all, I will try to take the most recent and see if I can handle that much. I’ve been very busy with appointments, so... many!!! I have also been ill for a few days with the flu, nothing stayed down. As, a result my pills would not stay down so I got depressed. If it’s not one thing it’s another, where does it all end????you know I’m just sick and tired, I am sick and tired of taking pills that don’t work, I’m tired of a life living with this horrible disease, I’m tired and fed up with the doctors and counsellors. I’m seriously thinking of electro shock theraphy. I need more info on it first.On a brighter note our cruise is just a few weeks away. Yeah!!!Well that’s all I have to say for now. I’ll really try to get to my friend who have written recently. I’ll get the other DS friends next time. Be Well, Debbie