Can banks transfer a loan in one person's name to another?

I am trying to make things simple for me and everyone else.  Smokey's car is a nice looking red Chevrolet Cavalier.  My girlfriend is interested in it.  $5,333 is a lot of money to shell out.  If she was truly and genuinely interested in the car, I was wondering if a bank can transfer the loan from Smokey's name to my friend's name and she just would have to carry on making the loan payments.  I have no idea about these matters at all but the idea came to me this morning.  It would be a lot easier for both of us.  Then we would just have to get the car transferred into her name.  I hope she really wants to car.  It would make things a lot simpler for myself.  It is the last major detail of Smokey's estate that I would have to deal with and then it would be all over.  After that, I just have to get my life back into order again and enter the human race.  I feel when I lost Smokey that I left the human race for a long time.  I am finally feeling free of the estate and am ready to be my old self again.  I haven't been that way since my much loved and cherised Smokey died on Sunday November 15, 2009.
Trying to get back to being myself once again, Diane B.