calm and awake, wide AWAKE.

guess I'm shifting over to the night watch position.  ok.  can do.  have a tension headache right between the eyes.  gonna pray it gone before morning...........cause I believe. in everyday miracles.
i managed to do some stuff after my fit.  i rested for about a half hour, took a shower, made dinner......while it baked i took the trash down.....and brought the mail back up.
felt easier, at peace..........better.  
i have an at home appt tomorrow.  contacted someone to give me a quote to spring clean my house.  we'll see how that goes, they come at 6 pm.  i want baseboards and under the furniture kind of cleaning done.  the stuff that is so hard for me, also the oven and frig cleaned too.  they say the only thing they don't do is laundry.  so we'll see how it goes.  not thinking to have them come all the time, just to come sometimes.......anyway that's tomorrow.
hope i can rest.  i got my latest issue of Guidepost today, that always cheers me.  do any of ya'll read that?  it always ends too soon for me........i like the inspirational stories shared by so many positive thinkers. 
i did too much yesterday, cleaning and other nonsense.  i know i need epidurals cause all the symptoms are blaring away.  when i woke up from my long nap both hands were completely numb.  freaks me out.  what is my reason for avoiding this care?  i worry, mostly about the the cost........gotta hand this stuff over to the creator and stop fussing around.  Lord take these things away from my refried brain.  Help me make decisions, be bold and brave.
the cleaning started shortly after i set up the appt to get a bid on the cleaning job.  i fell for the oldest guilt trick in the book..........the one where you clean before the cleaners clean trick.  i know better, but my body was on it's feet spurred into submission by some very deep seated guilt apparently.......the next thing i knew i was doing too much and continued overdoing for several hours. 
that's why i was teary last night and this morning and slept so hard.  i went to Overdidit, GA again and have to pay it back.  I have meds until the week-end so I still have time to go to the's all gonna work out. 
so anyway, just wanted ya'll to know i wonkified my self but good.  and now i can't sleep.  wish i had a big ol Thanksgiving turkey right now........then maybe the Tryptophan would knock me out.  I also wish I liked turkey.  I am a chicken girl.........I have never liked kids of course loooooooove turkey.  Think I make a mean bird..........rambling again, sorry!
my brain is AWAKE.  this is so weird.  i'm usually so foggy.........if I wasn't afraid to drive in the middle of the night........this would be an awesome time to go to Wal-Mart.  LOL...........I wouldn't do that cause I know that driving on two lane country roads at this time of the night is just asking for something stupid to happen, so don't think I would do that..........I live in the sticks.  And it really feels sticky when you get a flat or something on a lonesome country road in the middle of the night.  So maybe I could arrange my sock drawer?  No, not that, anything but that.  Even thinking about going up stairs and bringing down the stair climbing alone in the house, quit being such a little rabble rouser.  speaking of stairs, i saw the cleverest cane for stair climbing today.  pretty ingenious looking device. one hand on the rail and the other on this cane that helps maintain balance due to it's great shoring up/steadying design. 
been thinking about getting a folding cane......but then i forget.  swish.........too many thoughts up in here.  maybe i could kill two birdies with one nerfstone?  vacuum my brain and listen to silence for a change.  e-mail is such a trip.  my Easter sweater traveled all the way from San it's at the ATL hub, but my pants are in Indianapolis.  I sure would hate to go to church without pants......that might raise a few  I'm just being silly............I'm still not so far gone that I'm like the part Dody Goodman played in that movie "Splash." 
She was a kooky secretary at the fish plant.......Tom Hanks character's secretary.  She would arrive for work with her bra over her blouse and other fashion faux pas.  I've done some dumb fashion stuff  a time or two.............worn two different colors of shoes..........worn a belt inside out.......didn't know until somebody teased me about being a ten.........the size was stamped on the belt.......I turned bright RED. 
The worst one I'm pretty sure I've shared before.  I was sitting at my desk and a fellow employee would walk by, greet me and then do a  double take.  This happened several times before I got up and went to the ladies room to check.  I thought lipstick on my teeth or something stuck in my teeth.......oh no, not even close.  I had worn a dress with a scoop neck w/ a matching jacket.  In my hurry to race to work I put the dress on BACKWARDS. Oh me, oh my...............with the dress on properly it was a very ladylike neckline...........but backwards?  It had a much deeper scoop in the back........too much "HELLO Dolly, well hello Dolly for anything in 9 to 5 world..............yup,  inadvertently put on a show.  After that I had dreams about this happening again for the looooongest time. 
The only saving grace about that story?  I worked with all females and only one man.........luckily the man wasn't in that day.....................yeeeeeesh. 
Gonna try to sleep now.........ok, the truth?  gonna go watch another episode of a series called "The Queen."  gonna try to study stiff upper lip, proper decorum and other things to aid me in the running of one very small little kingdom........humble house usa.  hugs, nite! 



Well, If you are working the night shift, then I am on the swing shift today. Go to bed for an hour or two, then get up & do something on the computer for an hour or so. Like doing \"fire guard\" while I was in service.

Yes, living in the sticks (me too) is determinal to taking a late night drive but maybe better than being in the city & having a \"driveby\" take place. Often we have to pick out poisons.

I need a spring cleaning or just any cleaning as my once a month housekeeper has been sick since before Christmas & has not been here so far in 2013. I have been removing the upper layer of crust but do need someone to do the things like you said.

Never put my dress on backward but have done it with some shorts. Good thing it was all women that day. Just happen to hear a cute story about Dolly Parton earlier this week. Someone ask her how long it took for her to get her hair to look like it did. She replied that she did not know as she was never there when it was being fixed.

Better move on to my next assignment before I retire to my napping quarters - since I sleep such short periods of time, I see no need to refer to my bedroom as my sleeping quarters these days.

Tally ho! That\'s my \"upper lip\" showing.

Never put on clothes backwards, but inside out? Oh yeah. That was a fun day at work. *sigh*
I loved living inthe sticks. I am too close to town for me now. Still not \"in town\" but I was raised way out in the sticks, loved it, so... Yeah....
I enjoy \"The QUeen\". Ramrod iron spine is what I need!

Sleep gentle, Serce,and rest sound. :-)

Girlfriend, the best thing I ever do is get the \"Minimaids\" to come to my house and clean! A little army of 3 or 4o come over and in an hour and half, my house is CLEAN! OMG, it is sooooo worth it, esp. since my husband pays! I hate a dirty inside of the microwave. Really makes me nuts. Love someone else vacuuming my stairs, scrubbing the toilet. It\'s so wonderful! We only do it a couple times a year and every time it\'s worth every penny! Enjoy!

Hug hug

Doncha hate it when the sleep fairy messes with us like that! I sure do. Night shift is the worst. I often fall asleep within an hour, but I wake up at five and then have to start all over again. It never used to be that way. Kinda hard to be wide awake and thinkin about cleaning in the middle of the night, while the world sleeps. (that sounds like a soap opera title!).

I, ONE TIME, called the Merry Maids in to do my Spring cleaning. I had been going through an extended crash, my daughter wasn\'t well, I had no I folded. This was pricey, and I wouldn\'t recommend it to anyone else, unless you totally NEED it done. But these five women showed up here and 10 a.m. one morning and cleaned. And I mean CLEANED. They even dusted the window sills, straightened out my pantry, cleaned out the refridgerator....dusted the blinds, mopped the floors, vacuumed. They bring all their own cleaning stuff, so all you have to do is get out of their way! It was fabulous. Oh, and they do WINDOWS! Not all of them, but whatever room they\'re working in gets Windexed toooooo! Twas wonderful. All I had to do then was wash my curtains. Hubby helped me take them down and we washed them and re-hung them. Took me about a week, but it got done. I know there are many, many people here who have housekeepers. Even if only once a\'s a huge help. I hope you can work something out with this person.

Hubby and I are looking for \"the sticks\" Lord willin and the creek don\'t rise, we will sell this house and move to \"THE STICKS\" PA. We SO want to get away from the racket of city life. Time for some peace and quiet for both of us. We need a smaller home, and quieter surroundings. I need it to soothe me on my really bad days, and Bobby has always preferred it, but went from New York to marrying a Jersey girl, or he would have moved to Florida....a quiet place down by the Keys, and just fished all day! I am with you though. I surely wouldn\'t want to be out in the dark, in a car, on a lonely road. I do need to know that people are close by. We don\'t want to live FAR away from everybody, we just don\'t want to be by the entrance ramp to the Garden State Parkway anymore. Ya know?? I\'m sure ya do.

I\'ve never worn my clothes backwards. At least not in public. I have worn them inside out though! I\'ve worn mismatched socks in public, simply don\'t care. It is what it is. Didn\'t seem to me that anyone noticed or cared.

Did I see the word \"guilt\" in this journal. Nahhhhhhhhhhh. We don\'t do \"guilt\". We are sick and weak, and messed up with our ever changing bodies and it\'s not our fault.

Praying you don\'t cry in church on Easter Sunday. Listen to Sara sing, and then you just smile all over yourself!! K? K! xoxo

Ruthie glad you like your Eater card. I thought of you when I was out card shopping. Sara\'s beautiful voice on Easter Sunday would probably bring happy tears to me also. Sitting next to your son & listening to your daughter sing, heavenly& love surrounding you.
Funny you ask about Guidepost ... I worked for Guidepost fresh out of high school for 3 years. Every Monday morning before we started work, we would have prayer in the conference room. I got the magazine for free while working there. I have a few books by Dr Norman Vincent Peale.
Praying you sleep tonight. I finally slept last night for 8 hours!!! First time in a very long time. Blessings & love xo

U are WIDE awake alright there girlfriend. LOL... Hope that u get ur house cleaned... Mine is needing it badly... but I can do only what I can do... and the dogs keep my house a mess.. but I luv them so much... The 3 little rats get away w/ murder in my house and w/ stuff i wld never have let my kid do. LOL. Take care of yourself. luv n hugs xoxoxo