Busy...hope I don\'t pay for it!

Well, I will wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving now in case I don’t get on here tomorrow. I was so... busy today. I really went at the upstairs housework. I paid special attention to my bedroom. I pulled out every piece of furniture and wiped them down and the walls and floor behind. I even took of the lampshades and scrubbed them. I changed the furniture around too. A change is as good as a rest. Tomorrow I will put on a new bedspread. My daughter had it so I have to get it back and wash it. I also need Michael’s help putting on the bedskirt. I ordered a new bedroom set from Sears but it will not be in until Jan. 10th. Then I took at the other rooms.In between time I took my daughter out so she could shop for her Xmas gifts from me to her. We did really well. With what I bought today and what I already bought plus a gift certificate for her nails... she is done. Well almost done.. Still need stocking stuffers but that’s easy stuff like a new toothbrush etc. I really am pretty much done. Now the wrapping. Again not a big deal. I use a lot of fancy bags and boxes. I do very little with wrapping paper. I also have all of my tags made out. It was a cool idea I got from some magazine. I took a picture of each person and did it up on my photoshop program which gives different shapes like stars and different colors. Then it has letters that you can add. So a gift to my daughter has a pic of her and the print says, "love, mum and dad". Then you print it on photo paper and cut it out. Way cool!! Then a hole punch and ribbon and tie it on. Voila done!!! AND I was smart, for once and I saved the program with everyones’ pic so next year it will be a push of the button.Yesterday I bakes from Xmas. I made chocolate truffles with Bailey’s mint, yummy and my maple cheese cake. Today I did get the German apple cake made. All this freezes well. I will start my maple bread next week as I need about 3 big loaves.Well, that’s it for me. I’m tired and need to rest. Oh, yeah had pdoc appointment today as well. Quote for the day... " I am an optimism. It does not seem too much use being anything else." Winston Churchill. Night, night. Debbie