Brian's Wedding

My Dear Paul,
I wanted to write and tell you about your son, Brian and Rachel's. Even though I know you were present, if not physically, you were there spiritually.
Sarah and I were really debating whether to go or not, cause of the fact that your daughter Stacey and her husband Brian were not going to be there. But, decided that you would want us to go. It meant alot that Brian and Rachel wanted us to be part of their special day.
It was a beautiful wedding, you would be so proud of Brian. You could tell how much in love they are, Rachel cried through most of the ceremony, which was sweet. I caught myself crying through some of it, haven't cried in months, it caught me off guard.
It was also nice to see your oldest son, Pat and his family. Honey, your grandchildren, Caitlyn and Michael are getting so big. Pat, Caitlyn and Michael were in the wedding, Jennifer(Pat's wife), stood in for Nancy(Brian's mother), she lit one of the candles that would light the unity candle, along with Rachel's mother.
The reception was very nice, to me what made it even more special was that Brian and Rachel used you and Nancy's toasting glasses from your wedding to Nancy.
I finally got to meet Brian's best friend, Jonathan. I told him how special he was to you and you used to talk about him, like he was one of your sons. He said he thought alot of you, he included you in his toasting speech, which was sweet.
There was another special thing that Brian and Rachel done, to include you and Nancy in the wedding. As you walk in the sanctuary, they had a little memorial table set up, with a picture of you and Nancy, with a nice lighted candle with flowers around it. It meant so much to me, that they were so thoughtful.




It sounds as though the planning of the wedding was given a lot of thought, especially the way they honored their parents. I\'m glad you were able to attend. I\'m sure it meant a great deal to them that you cared enough to be there on their special day. Blessings. TJ

Sounds like a very touching ceremony! Glad you enjoyed. Hugs, Kip.

It must have been an emotional and beautiful day for you. It is nice to hear of such stories. I hope they have many, many happy years together. Hugs, Nancy