Break down

Burst into tears at work today.  I'm not sure if my hormones are taking over or if I'm at my wits end from this pain.  The pain is unusually worse today, I can't seem to wrap my head around anything anymore.  This time I felt a "charlie horse" type cramp starting on the left side of my back, so I attempted to relieve it with some massage and that just put it INTO a "charlie horse"!  Now I'm experiencing "referred pain" all the way upto my neck and into my arm!  This is along with my other pain that I have through out the day.  My whole left side is crampy and achy at about a level 8-9.  I can hardly move around and there is much to do around the house.  Brad, ( my husband ) has gone to rehearsal and will not be back for several hours.  I can do nothing but take Rx pills ( that I'm suppose to be cutting back on right now ) and deal with it.One of my concerns is if my mood swings are due to hormones or if it's from pain.  Either way it's frustrating, to say the least, and I am afraid of letting the "demon" loose on an innocent by stander.  It's getting harder and harder to control.    I must also express that I feel NO depression.  The worst of my "swings" is pure anger, not all the time but these episodes are getting closer together.  I feel I MUST call my GP.  This has been going on for almost 2 weeks and it seemed to come out of nowhere!  What will I be like when I start Lupron?!



I am so sorry that you are having such horrible pain and mood swings. I agree that calling your GP would be a good idea. Let them know what is happening. I too felt alot of anger when I was dealing with the pain for months on end. Chronic pain does something to us.

I\'m here for you girl.