Bored with stress

ok. I have become exhausted to the point of being bored. Can you imagine ?? I am a tad worried because all the details in the scenarios with my Mom and the intowners (family) are like a crappy tv show. You know, when you channel surf and watch a few minutes of things that just dont interest you.
So, breathing exercising it is. This suggested by one of my DS friends. Glad you reminded me to take care of myself this way. My health really needs the input.
I have not said this in awhile and must. Thanks DS friends. Coming here and working on issues, being with people sharing feelings, thoughts and notions, for 3.5 years is awesome. And way cheaper than a therapist. LOL



Friends are gooooooood :) you have been such a great friend to me
- I am so glad that DS has been here for so many, and that it led to
our great frienship and support. Hang in there ! Hugs :)