Well I am so bored.  But I am also really pondering a few things.  First off, why do people lie?  I am so sick of BOYS lieing to me.  What am I, some piece of meat?  I hate it.  I really don't get why people feel its necessary to lie so much.  What do you gain?  And I just don't think that I will ever understand it.  Why is it that I have to let myself be used and passed around like a toy to get any sign of RESPECT?  Even if it is fake?  Why can't people just treat me like a person?  Am I not good enough?  What have I done that was so WRONG? 



i guess you go to public school? if you were in private religion based school it is not as bad because everything you just named is so frowned on there. not saying there aren\'t jerks everywhere, there are. but there is less of it and its not condoned or ignored as much.

people lie because either they are pathological liars, a mental disorder. or because they are trying to \"impress\" you. it IS very annoying. one of the reasons i became a court reporter when i was way younger, is because the record was verbatim and i would be taking it down so if they tried to say they \"didn\'t say it\" i got a kick out of it, as it would be right there written down. you also got to hear everything under the sun in criminal court and all the expert medical testimony of why people did this or that. the excuses are ALWAYS crap, but it was a good way to learn about a lot of things, get paid really well for being there (it pays between 65,000 to 200,000 per year (the higher amount is if you work for congress in washington d.c. or official in federal criminal court, its not everyone), and at the same time you are hearing all of this stuff, you are perfectly safe as its just court, you aren\'t really there when it happened.