Bits about Lonliness

Hi. There are people who seam to accept being lonely & prefer to. There are others who dont mind being lonely for a time but then there are others who have no choice. Now lets put aside saying what they can do about it as we are not them & it afects every one diferently. Can you say you can notice a lonely person if she or he passed you by in a crowed or empty street?. Or if you were to tal with them? . The list goes on.There many types of lonlines. THere is one where you lonley in a crowd even in a crowed place. One example of this is if the person you want to be with most is not htere there then you feel just as alone as you would in a empy  hall or some thing.Im trying to eep this brief. You can be made to be lonely by others in diferent ways even rejection and so on. Circomestances can also  make it go that way. Not being accepted as you are a to z is another way. Peoples judgemental-ness does not help either. Some people dont realy understand what its like. Some dont try because its not happening to them or just dont want to understand and so on. Some people are lonely all of their lifes. Some are for the first half of it and so on. Then who are not never know when one day some how they could become lonely even un willingly  & un avoidedly. If you were top tal with such people who go through all of that listen to them then you might get some insight and understanding. THE WORLD IS SADLY SHORT OF THAT. ,,, Graham