Big change of plans

Well it looks like I will have to completely re-vamp this goal. It turns out the bookstore I wanted so badly isn't making enough money to be worthwhile to me. It's not like I have money to burn, I need to make a decent income. I could probably survive on it but that's not a good plan... bare existence. I will continue to work on my website and get the online version going... keep collecting books and make a side-line out of it for now. Maybe in the future there will be another opportunity to have a 'real' storefront and I will already have some business from my website.
I'm not giving up on the whole thing, just have to create a new plan... give it more time and change my focus a bit for now. There's one thing I know about myself... when I set my mind to something I make it happen one way or another...... eventually.



You\'re right now to concentrate on your on-line website bookstore. Sometimes we have to deviate from what we want from our original plans, life can be like that, but with your determination I know you will make this one work too. All is not lost.