better today so far

I am feeling a little better. Took the new meds last night and they made me really groggy. The dogs woke me up to go out sometime during the night and I had to hold onto furniture and stuff to be able walk to put them out. Then I didn't wake up again until 10:45. Can't believe I slept until almost 11:00 without even waking up. I usually wake up around 7. I feel better thought. Maybe a good nights sleep was what I needed. I wonder if I will get used to the new meds or if I will always sleep this way. If so I need to make plans to go to bed earlier.This morning I did 100 steps on the treadmill, ate a good breakfast; cereal, berries, milk and cranberry juice. Then I did the chair exercises from the video I found online. (a huge thanks to those who gave me suggestions on exercises) and I'm going to do the second video after this. I took a cornish game hen out of the freezer for dinner. I need to look up and see how many calories is in one, so I know how much I can eat. Hopefully, I will not have the struggles I had yesterday, or if I do, hopefull I will be more successful at overcoming them. I guess if we didn't have any struggles we wouldn't be able to overcome themĀ  Anyway, wish you all a great day.Oh yeah I have to go to my moms for the weeken. I'm taking my laptop, but dont know what kind of reception I will get so I may not be online for a couple days, but I will try because journaling is important to my recovery. Also cant take the treadmill so I worry about my exercise, but I will hopefully be able to watch exercise videos. Wish me luck.