Better Than The Day Before

The day got better than it started. Essential seasonal & necessary chores were done. 
First thing, the clutter for cash initiative continues. Sold two unneeded items for a good price. this Craigslist transacation turned out better then expecteD. I now have intersted buyers for my various piles of rough cut hardwood. The snowblower is on the yard tractor - took longer than usual, but got necessary hardware replaced & adjustments made. Final task was to weather proof the porch renovation for the winter, for if/when & then it ever comes. 
Lesson learned for the day, time spent executions tasks triumphs over worried procrastination. The Do It Now mentality is healing. 
One last glass of wine for the day, the next bottle remains unopened & the intended daily devotional reading of the next twelve steps did not happen. Sublime denial perhaps?
i have a good list of Do It Now for this morning. Once done, expect reading & writing to occur. 
And a long walk in the nearby woods.