Believing in me

Believing in me


how often i have look to others

or have looked to a standard or status

to justify or determine the value

of my plans for the day

sure to be prudent or responsible is good and pragmatic

but to feel good about my day

well why should it be that I feel I fall short

when my time isn't shared with someone else or someone dear

or some such standard...

spending time with others does make life seem worthwhile and believe you me

I am not denying that

but right now that's just not possible

so I will look to a gentle self belief and keep

out of the low, depressive corners of my mind

and be brave enough and take a quiet confidence

to carry out and carry on with my solo Saturday.


Community LeaderSunCloudJD

Big squishy hug for you sweetie..... Remember the song lyrics.... 'people who need people..... are the luckiest people in the world".......xo

you're right jan! :) babs rocked that song!!