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Are you looking to outperform the market and optimize your profits but aren't sure how exactly to pick the right stocks? Has investing turn into a task? Would you get investing in warm stocks once they have made their big move? Do you want to understand how I improved my profile by over 400% in under 7 years? Are you wanting to understand how I've outperformed industry within the last 36 months by a margin of 5 to 1?

Do You Hate Study? . . . I really do!

I have always wished to find an investment strategy that made sense. An investment strategy in which I do not require to know the intricacies of the market, predict market trends or follow particular shares. How can I get the inside information of what is warm before the rest of the market knows? I am unable to. Nor do I need to.

Plus, I do not have that kind of time and energy to commit to in-depth re-search. Like you, I have a regular work that I need to spend my time and energy to. I am not just a day trader; nor do I wish to spend all of my spare time on the computer doing research. Always after the stock market and getting stock estimates isn't how I would like to pay my leisure time.

I Avoid Individual Stocks.. . . they are too unreliable!

Everybody wants to get low and sell high. While millions of individuals do make money this way (and many millions free money), I have found a simpler and more effective way to utilize the market to my advantage. I really do not trade in stocks. I do what I can in order to avoid individual shares. And I consistently beat the market.. Get more on an affiliated essay - Click here: rockwell trading. . . month after month after month.

What is the choice, If not shares?

Like many individuals, I acquired heavily active in the currency markets in the mid-to late Nineties. Tech shares were going through the top and I, like everyone, wanted a part of the action. It seemed an easy way to generate income. Every one was getting rich. You did not require a specific investment technique to beat industry.

During this time period, I immersed myself in-the financial markets. I wanted to learn just as much as I can without stopping my day job. I had been searching for the casual pre-IPO offering, IPOs and another best technology share. But it wasn't until I discovered options investing that I discovered an investment approach (The Yager Trading Strategy) that could work in any sort of industry.. . . Bull, Bear or stagnant.

That's right...OPTION trading!

And I am not talking about stock options or writing covered calls. Options trading...I began using different methods, selling options o-n S&P futures and trading strategies. And I did well. VERY well.

Between July 1998 and January 2000 (a span of 18 months), from my choice trading system, I turned an initial $25,000 investment into $167,615. That's more than 670 increase. And this is not paper money where you purchase a stock and it's a particular stated value. This was real, taxed income. Earnings obtained on the regular basis.

Volatility and Industry fluctuations have diminished greatly since then...reducing the rates. These kinds of earnings are no longer available, however the option trading strategy continues to be very sound. I however regularly beat the market. Also the decades the DJIA, Nasdaq and S&P were all down, I posted higher than a 22% gain.

Learn the choice trading strategy or observe to produce money with this strategy. I explain the method and show real recent deals on YagerInvesting. The data is FREE. No membership required. This is a way of risk capital only.

For the previous 12-months (May '0-6 through April '07) this is the way my approach, The Yager Trading Strategy, performed:



S & P 500-----17.3%

Yager Trading Strategy-----32.2%.