Bad weekend

I guess what started it off bad was a client called haggeling over money and basically got turned into a pissing contest.
What really has been urking me lately has been Roy's lack of communication with texting.  I just bought him a brand new phone for his birthday and he has the phone for two reasons, school realted issues and to stay in contact with me.  He won't reply to a lot of my texts, when he is talking if I bring up something he doesn't want to talk about he ignores me.  He rarely ever texts for prayer anymore.
Yesterday I set up with his mom to get some profesional photos done at walmart because we have his full band uniform, something that never happens.  It was all set, I would skip choir practice, take him to walmart for the photos, then run him and his brother to church and bring them home.  Well he called back and canceled leaving me to do the rest of the plan. I hung up on him. His mom lies and doesn't want me to have photos of Roy, so it will never happen.  Plus I lost my whole after noon then he didn't go to church, just Aaron who is a freaking monster.
Gonna give Roy some what for in a nice way this morning.