Bad mood, but I hope everyone has a good day!

I'm not sure if I am feeling better.. Or if I am just feeling numb..  On top of everything I was feeling.. The person I was actually starting to get pretty close to informed me yesterday morning that they are no longer allowed to talk to me... They informed me that their mother didn't want them to speak to me and wouldn't stop bugging them about me.. It feels more like an excuse than anything... She had no problem with me, and suddenly now she doesn't want them speaking to me? I haven't done anything that I know of to make her suddenly change her mind? And they are in college, have their own car, a job, pay their own bills ect. and have no problem arguing with her about most things.. If they cared as much as they claimed, why would they just stop speaking to me...? I find it kind of hard to understand... How can you care soo much about someone, and then completely cut them out of your life because your mother was lecturing you..? I don't know.. Maybe I just love harder than other people.. Or maybe I'm just pathetic... Anyways, it's whatever.. I'm used to this.. And that's small compared to what is going on in my head right now.. 
I'm not looking forward to my brother and his wife and kids coming over today.. I'm not looking forward to any of it.. I'm thankful for my family.. Well, for the most part.. But.. I don't want to be around anyone other than maybe 3 or 4 people, none of which I can see..  I don't want to deal with my brothers rude comments and questions.. I don't want to hear the lectures and arguments from my parents. I don't want to deal with my sisters attitude. 3 screaming kids.. I'm just not even looking forward to it.. I really just want to sit down and relax with a friend or a few friends, play video games, watch movies, play board games I don't even care. Eat some good food and relax with people that I don't feel like crap around... That's what I want.. I want holidays that I can spend with people I enjoy being around, doing something, anything that we could enjoy. I just want something that feels less crappy.. Bright side.. I do get to spend the day with family.. I have food to eat, a roof over my head, and just soo much that many people would love to have.. I know I am lucky in many ways, and I am so thankful for all of it. So why can't I just be happy..?
But, anyways.. I really don't want everything to be so negative.. Especially today of all days.. I just needed to get some of this out..  If you are reading this right now, remember.. 
You are amazing and you are more than enough to me<3 Anyone who says otherwise is just a big butthead! : 3 Happy Thanksgiving to all of you wonderful people!!