back to the emergency room

Ok, this is definitely going to be a memorable story.  Wednesday evening, my hubbie and I went to a breast feeding class at the hospital.  About 1/2 way through the class, I started having horrible back and chest pain.  I really thought I was going to die.  I turned to my hubbie and said I was going to pass out and that I needed to get out of the class.  He told me not to get up or else I'd pass out more quickly.  The pain continued to increase and I slipped off my chair onto the floor and passed out cold.  I had the nurse and hospital doctors there pretty quick -- so it is a good place to pass out.   I ended up in the emergency room and had to go through more tests to make sure I didn't have a blood clot or something worse.  It ended up being a back spasm from the accident, but it sure was scary.  I have had such trouble finding help for my pain such the accident.  Because I am almost 7 months pregnant, no one wants to touch me.  Orthopedic and pain doctors don't want to touch me, because they cannot do x-rays or an MRI to sort out my injuries.  I couldn't get into see a physical therapist until Tuesday of next week.  My chiropracter has been giving me massage every other day, which has helped, but not enough.  My doctor didn't want to perscribe anything for pain -- they wanted my OBGYN to do it.  My OBGYN wanted my regular doctor to do it.  In the end, it was the emergency doc who took pity on me and gave me something for the pain.  I am trying to take it as little as possible, but I cannot imagine that the pain or passing out is any better for the baby than the meds.  I am screwed either way.  To top it all off, the insurance company of the lady who hit me hasn't bothered to be in touch more than once, even though they admitted liability and new I was injured and seven months pregnant.  I am thinking of hiring an attorney to help.