Back Pain

This week is a test for me in dealing with the pain with little to no medication. I NEED the medication, I'm done fooling myself about that, but I'm down to 4 Tylenol #3s and I don't see my doctor until next Tuesday. I'll save those 4 for the weekend cause I always seem to overdo it and need extra pain relief. For now I have some Tylenol #1s and I'm just taking a lot of them to compensate. I am also doing the yoga/stretches that my PT has recommended, spending a lot of time on the heating pad and of course I'm still taking my Lyrica regularly. I'm in more pain than I like but right now I'm coping OK. Yesterday was horrible; I was so depressed. Some days I just can't cope and nothing seems to bring me out of it. Last night SO took us all out for McFlurries for Easter since the kids will be away at their mom's - somehow the ice cream did kind of cheer me up. Or maybe it was SO's kindness; whichever - it was nice to be pulled out of that dark pit I was in. He and I watched Dr. Who all evening and had a few drinks; unfortunately that usually helps my pain too. Luckily I don't depend on it for relief and I will really have to resist this week with my lack of pain medication. I will have to discuss with my dr. next week about getting enough to last... I don't usually go through it quite so fast but this past month has been really rough. Not sure if its actually worse or if my pain tolerance is just diminishing. I think part of might be the FMS amplifying my pain. I just know its not getting better and being unable to go for a nice long pain free walk in this beautiful weather really sucks. I went for a short walk the other day but coming back was bad... I'll have to not go so far next time (I only went a block and a half).