back on track

After a couple of bad days, my eating is back on track. I had brown rice krispies with banana and skimmed milk for breakfast. I got into a book and didnt eat lunch but I had bread and gravy for dinner. I thinnk whoever invented gravy was a genius-an evil genius perhaps, but a genius none the less. My son and daughter came in and brought pizza. I didn't even want any. I had just eaten, but normally that wouldn't have mattered. Even if I didn't eat any I would have wanted it and I would have felt cheated and that would have led to overeating later. That makes me happy because I know my attitude towards food is starting to change. That means more than weight lost because once I break these chains of slavery to food, the weight will come off. More importantly, if I don't break the chains, the GBS may not even work. I did 130 steps on the treadmill. Barely made it, but I pushed myself to kind of make up for yesterday and to get back into the mindset of taking care of myself. I know if I didnt get on the treadmill this morning the overeating would slip in there. I didn't get much else accomplished. Spent most of the day reading, but I'm going to clean the kitchen now. In fact I'm probaboy aboidng that by being on the computer. lol.  Anyway the plan is to have a fruit smoothy and nothing else before bed.



Good for you on the pizza issue! Your attitude toward food IS starting to change!!!
Hold on to that that thought, and be proud of yourself. You are getting stronger and stronger!!