Baby Steps Day 8

This morning I finally made it to the lab for my blood tests. Yay! Then I came home and did some work on my Uni application. My CV has been updated and uploaded and I scanned and uploaded my transcripts. An official transcript of my PGDipBA has been requested. I then did some more more name change paperwork.
Mid morning I went to my dance therapy class. After the issues I had with my son's class, I wasn't sure if I would feel like going again. But I connected with two other mums I had been close to throughout and we had a really good session. Then I came home, had lunch and a rest and then went to pick my son up after stopping to buy a box of chocolates for his DT teacher whose last day it was today. Everything went well in that class and I felt brave enough for a visit to my family. I survived and treated myself to Subway for dinner.
It is 9pm now and Jacob is asleep. I am finally ready for bed. My blood pressure has been up again today and I am also getting headaches and a runny nose. Maybe I have a viral infection and it is not stress that is making me feel unwell.
Tomorrow is another day to look forward to. Lunch time meeting with the Prof at the Uni and my son's first school disco tomorrow evening.
I am having trouble remembering what day of the week it is each day and thoughts of my ex still intrude at all hours. But I have not contacted him and have remained strong. So I will get through this ok. I know I will.