Baby Steps Day 3

Another day without contact. 7 whole days since last Sunday. I am very proud of myself.
Today I had friends visit. That felt good. Then a brief appearance at a birthday party next door and then a visit to my family which is usually stressful. More family and friends joined us there and we spent a pleasant few hours enjoying their company.
I took the bedding off my bed that have been there since last time he visited. Tonight I will put fresh bedding on. New start.
I was too tired to cook dinner for my son, so McDonalds tonight for him. He couldn't eat the birthday party food, so it was ok and a special treat for him. Home cooked food for me.
Not as many achievements today but I survived the various social committments and that is a big achievement on it own. A few moments of sadness and missing him and what we might have had, but not too bad.
Looking forward to tomorrow.