Asking for Help

It's hard to ask for help for two reasons. One, I don't know what kind of help I need. Other than getting on the right meds, what kind of concrete help could anyone give me? I like the "support", the people telling me they understand and hang in there, but that leads to the number 2 reason - how do I ask for support when I don't even know how to explain what is wrong. All I know is I feel crappy. I feel sad, lonely, anxious at times, feel like nothing is interesting, and I have a very hard time socializing. I am often bored, hate going to work, and feel like every day is a waste. Before I started on Geodon I was manic and did wild out of control things. I'm glad life has calmed down but it doesn't feel like living, merely existing. And I don't know how to communicate with people to explain how I feel. Even if I did, what good would it do? I want life to get better. I want to enjoy socializing with people. I want to find a partner who loves me. These things all seem so far out of my reach. and I don't know how to explain it.