Aset of birthday wishes for my day tomorrow

Hi All. NOT ALOT HAPPENING just now so I thought I would put some of my birthday wishes here apart from athe usual. Plieaseif you believe in prayer then pray hard that my birthday goes well  more than so from start to end & in between times. THAT  all my prayers & wishes come true or most of them, And that Jesu be with Mike & me on that day ect maikng many more good things happen that only he can do for us.Plray that a meeyting the next day that we are to have with one of our church members goes realy well ect too. Pray that the culprits causing the present hell for Mike & I do not contact us in any way or come near us all of thease 2 days. Thank you all & God bles or if you dont beleive ingod then take care. Love from Graham