Thanks again to all who have commented on my journal.  I am thinking I will not be going to my sister's ceremony.  Originally I was going to meet her and her partner in Joplin.  Since we haven't seen eachother for about 20 yrs. that seemed logical. I could get to know her again and I could meet her other 1/2.  But, now, this came first.  I don't think I want to visit with all the other hub-bub that will be going on.  And, gas prices are sooo high!  Just the thought of a trip stresses me. Adam may go with his girlfriend.  My knee is still a bit bruised but much better.  I just know it is from all the "owie sympathy"!  I go to the Internal Medicine Dr. tomorrow. I am a little nervous.  I don't want to be on meds for anything.  And if anything is wrong it had better be something that will just kill me, not be yet another burden to bear.  On the other hand, I do want to know if something is really wrong or if I just feel this physically awful because of losing Scott.  I only have 26 more days in school!  I am looking forward to that.  A summer off!  I mostly plan to float in my pool (it is just one of those big blue, round pools, 18 ft., but big enough for me) and mess with my yard/garden.  Nothing exciting....that is my style!  I am dreading June 17, however. And Father's Day.  Even though Scott's angel date is not always going to be the same as Father's Day, it will always feel like it.....almost like he will have 2 days.  The weather is getting a little warmer.  Finally. I like that!  Peaceful wishes to everyone!