Somehow I remained GF today - - - -it was very tempting to go to the casino after work - here's why - my husband left on a business trip and I anticipated this weekend being tough.  Sure enough - the urges started today.  All of the thoughts and rationalizations... being lonely already thinking about the days ahead without my husband, my friend moving to Israel, needing to release stress from work, telling myself it's okay I'll be getting money tomorrow from a friend who's buying a golf club from me,,, it's fine - if I lose it I won't feel bad because it is gravy money, etc..  On and on my mind went - life's too short to deprive myself of what I like to do, I'm not getting any younger, etc. But - - - - - -what I'm happy about is that I RESISTED... I realize now that these excuses are just that - it is my gambler mind talking; lying to myself like I used to do all of the time.  At least I recognized it this time . ;] :] On to Day 12!  Like this little icon, I remain innocent. Thank God!