and heres a start

so  im getting my life back well kinda. . . .i go to my program everyday and hang out i voulunteer  alot like today i did meals on wheels with some othere members. its nice to give for a ya.tomorrow i go to the program then go to school then back to the programim making a proffesional resume so im kinda exitedim going through a change and its really taking all of me to not just go and break not ready to tell everyone what it is cause im not even sure yet im just changing alot and i just wanna cry even though i should be happier than anyonei still havent talked to mimi. i really miss her but what can i  do. absolutley nothing.i went to my moms yesterday it waas weird ughmy brother is being a doosh bag i dont even know him anymoremy nieces b-day party is this weekend im stoked im bringing someone  so it should be fun. well im going to go to bed so good night worldtalk to ya'll later lol(mimi) hah byesssslove jesssyyyy