Alphonsus's Laws of Integrity

I am going to try to live by the following laws.  The higher laws supercede the lower ones. 1.   Do what has to be done, ALWAYS.1a. If it's not right, do not do it.2.   If it's not true, do not say it.3.   If you make a promise, keep it.


Community LeaderThePepperMan

I like these! Got any more you are gonna add to the list? (Can\'t think of any right now, just curious.)

Bear\'s Laws:
The easiest way is usually the best way.
If the question is \"why\" the answer is probably \"money\".
Gravy is a food group unto itself.
Never wrestle with a pig. You get dirty and the pig has all the fun.
When you think you\'ve gone too far, go just a little further.
Do not confuse being lost with being on a path that does not go where you intended.
Do not confuse not knowing where you are with being In the wrong place.
Let people do what they do best - don\'t order spaghetti at IHOP.

When asking \"Can I...\" also ask \"Should I...\"

Very inspiring!