Almost the 4th

I didn't think that I had written today, so I thought that I might as well put some words down to make sure that I am still here. I started to tan since I heard that it was good for depression, later to learn that it only gives benefits to those winder days. In some ways it reminds me of the comfortability that may be offered in Alaska. I want to try something new from Denver. My parents wont et me leave the city away from them because of my mental condition. Alaska is so far that I don't think they would approve. It is practically another country lol. Well I am burnt and it is making me tired as well as the Manhattan that I just downed. So have a great night everyone. Z 



The vitamin D that you get from the sunlight is what is beneficial. I tan in the winter months and use a light box. I also use the light box during gloomy days to reduce production of melatonin which causes sleepiness.

If you just get out more during the sunny days, it will help with the production of Vitamin D and your depression. I also take vitamin D which I believe helps some.
I will be the \"mother hen\" and remind you that hard liquor is very detrimental to your state of being since it is a depressant, especially if you are taking mood stabilizers or anti psychotics. It can trigger depression. I hope you feel better and enjoy your holiday weekend. Hugs