So long story short (for now), found bio. mother and it ended up being very eye opening. Figured out I dislike the woman. Stopped talking to her then got a friend request from a man I did not know. Well I didn't bother the request until about a week ago. He said he was my bio big cousin and that his father is my great uncle. Then he told me who my aunt is on my mom's side, and I sent her a message saying that I thought she was my aunt. She said she was. It's very frustrating trying to get information but I am calm about it. I found out my great grandfater was a black man and died in the late 1990's. I also found out my great grandmother is native american, Cherokee ridgewalker tribe. It makes me feel good to learn all of this but they are very vauge in the information... I'm unsure why this is? I'm still on a hunt to find out who my true father is. Everyone is consistant in saying he is a dangerous man. I feel relieved to find out who is in my past and how, but I'm still very confused, hurt, emotional all together :(