Ack - work stuff

I got a call from a client today asking me to update my scheduling calendar. I've been putting it off. They've been really nice about the fact that I called them to let them know I've been sick and so haven't been able to schedule new projects. I declined a bunch of new projects to keep them in the loop (which is a good thing so that I don't let it go too long and get too big in my head) but then I looked at all of the projects that I'd already accepted before this relapse. Oh. My. God. I feel like I can't breathe. 
I know I just need to break it down into smaller bits. Little pieces. I can't let the seemingly giant piece swallow me up or else I'll never get going.
I kind of feel like hiding. Why oh why did I look at that list? 
Not that I didn't know it was there, waiting for me. Sigh. I feel sort of sick.