Well, I guess, since we're supposed to be concentrating on the thankful stuff, I'd put in my two cents.
I've been relatively stable for a few months now.  My psych only needs to see me every few months instead of every few weeks.  I'm doing more around the house, not out of fear, but because I want to and am able to.  I am more productive with hobbies.  I recently finished knitting a poncho for winter.  I was able to save one of my cat's lives almost 2 weeks ago.(blown abcess )  Life has been blessed one after another.  And I am grateful. 
My wish for the next little while is to learn more about a foreign language, keep knitting and enjoy it,  and work up my body to be increasingly fit.  I've got Tai Chi videos until I can upgrade from a back problem. 



Awesome Sauce on steady as she goes... :)

I have had the urge to learn a language lately too!
I choose American Sign Language.


I am also focusing on getting fit.
My birthday present.. (which btw was yesterday) lol was a recumbent exercise bike.

I am not one of those oh.. ME ME and I people. I am meekly trying to point out we have some things in common. :)

Im happy you wrote positive things. :)
Maybe when you feel.... over stimulated like you did yesterday.... you could write then... Id like to read that.

Hi. Im Camber-Lynn

hi there! I haven\'t been on here for a while as normally, I\'m too fatigued and in pain to be out of bed past 7pm central standard time. I had to take migraine med that has caffeine in it so I\'m up and in a good mood. I appreciate your input.