Abilify Side Effects

I've been noticing a few subtle side effects of the Abilify since my dose has been increased.
First of all, before going into the side effects, I am very happy about the stability I have been experiencing since I've been on 15mg of Abilify instead of 10mg.

Color & Symbol Key

Morning Mood

Evening Mood

Sleep Hours

Missed Medication         

Mild Anxiety

Moderate Anxiety

Severe Anxiety                                                  

Mild Irritability

Moderate Irritability

Severe Irritability

(Chart is from www.moodtracker.com)
You can actually see how stable I have become with the increased dosage of my meds. Where the chart is pink I am on 10mg Abilify, 30mg Buspar, and 1500mg Depakote. Where the chart is blue I am on 15mg Abilify, 45mg Buspar, and 1500mg Depakote.
So one thing I've noticed is that I feel slower. It is harder for me to concentrate and pay attention to whats going on around me. I get lost in my own thoughts a lot.
Another issue is that I am still experiencing some times when I feel kinda depressed. Often it is situational, but it still is significant to me so I have been recording it on the mood chart as you can see.
The final thing that I have noticed is that I seem to be very flat emotionally. Once I realized it, I recognized it for the last few weeks. Its been very weird how little emotion I have been feeling. My Mom says that this may be how normal people are and it is just weird for me because I am so completely used to having extremes of emotions over little things.