Had another difficult, frustrating and absolutely fruitless meeting with my son today.  Since the incidence the level of disrespect which he is showing towards me has gone through the roof.  He has hung up on me three times, he has no remorse for attacking me and thinks he can speak to me in any manner that pleases him.
And he has no idea how precious these conversations are, because they may be the last ones he has with me.  He doesn't know yet that I have a ticket booked and am out of here this weekend.  Precious moments wasted...
I finally found his dad on linkedin.  He is in Canada and has done well for himself, he is now director of finance with a very high profile company.  Still skipping out on the child support.  He has made sure that he cannot be found, this is the first time in over 5 years that I have had any idea where he is.
The ironic thing is that I gained Canadian residency before he did.  But I had a child strapped to my leg.  I actually went to Canada and returned home because managing the transition with a young child and no family/friends in Canada was too much.
People say if only I had stayed in Canada, this journey with CFS would have been so much easier because they have the social services and support which are not available in Jamaica.
I gave it up because of my child.  The same child who thinks it is ok to wield a machete and threaten to beat my ass.
Not that I needed any reason to feel more crappy about my life...



Oh so sorry about your son\'s lack of respect. I have the same issue and miss my grandsons dearly. I am leaving Florida within the next nine months because I rather be with people that treat me with kindness. I raised my son as a single parent too in NYC. He will be 45 April 30TH and just becoming more abusive as he gets older.
It\'s unacceptable behavior, however we can\'t make them change. My son is in for a shock when I leave here. How old is your son? I have accepted my son has issues with drinking and is who he is. Please never take your son\'s behavior personal bc it\'s never about you, for its always about him. We did our jobs as best as possible. We raised them with love in our hearts without a father or husband for support which a boy needs. I know it hurts to be mistreated by him, however eventually I have become numb to the hurt because it\'s all he has to offer. If you need to talk please let me know. I am with you on this issue. Bless you for raising your boy and know you are of great value even though your son doesn\'t see it. My son is outright horrifically cruel and bitter towards me. I am done. I just have to miss my grandsons.
Living with CFS is a struggle and then our sons just cast us aside like garbage.
Well, God didn\'t create us a to be treated this way and you said something about a ticket to leave. I am happy for you because you deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. Especially by the child you raised on your own.
Gentle Hugs and Blessings

Ok, you asked for keeping it real... I would give you son his fathers contact information. It is most likely him that he is truly angry with deep inside. Can you rent out part of your home, or all and move in with family?

Hi Max. Gaining new insight on the extent of your problems with your boy. I raised a child by myself as well. Turns out I lost her to drugs for a few years, but that was 15 years ago, and it\'s in her past. But it nearly killed me watching her do this to herself. I didn\'t raise her this way. I get that mother/child connection. And when they turn on us, it is truly unforgivable, yet, we would forgive....if only they would straighten up. We were not put here to raise a child that will physically threghten to harm us. No, we have to walk away.

You are in Jamaica. OK!! That puts a different light on things as far as what their policies and benefits are. I would think that being disabled, and a single parent should be worth something on the payment scale. According to what you say, you would get very little money from the government. I don\'t think I get very much, but it is more than what you are stating.

One day at a time Max. I know you are proactive and seeking good counsel and will do the right thing by YOU and your son. I wonder if your husband cares at all what is happening to you??

Keeping you in my prayers! xo