A Truly Beautiful Day

I live in Illinois and it is such a beautiful day.  I just got back from shopping. It seems like everyone is out, running here and there, some couples, some not.  Smiles everywhere.  There is a sadness about me today.  Summer is coming, and with it family time, and walks in the park with that special someone.  I'm not a part of that anymore.
Anyhow, whenever I especially missing my husband, I fantasize about the future and it lifts my mood.  This time I decided to write it down.
The sky is blue--the kind that makes you feel warm and comforted just looking at it.  I like the way the clouds hang low, makes me feel like I can just reach out and touch them.  I close my eyes and picture myself riding on one of the fluffy clouds, feeling it's softness, and suddenly I'm there and nothing else matters.  I open my eyes and see my husband.  He's carrying a bushel of berries.  I love berries, any kind, and he knows that about me.  It touches me that he remembers this.  It's been forty years, but for him it's only been a day.  It's the way it is here in Heaven.
I float back down to the ground and he catches me in a strong embrace.  It's not passionate but it's full of love.  Again the way of Heaven.   
"They're waiting for us," he says.
I smile up at him and pluck one of the berries from his hand.  It's huge and red.  Berries here are so sweet, so my mouth waters in anticipation.  I bite into the succulent berrie, enjoying every second.  I've got eternity here so there's no hurry.
"Come on," he says, catching my hand and leading me away down a path of flowers of every color. 
I look at the lush landscape--flowers line every path and trees that reach the sky and beyond.  There are colors that don't exist on earth--colors that have no names, but the rest are impressive too--pinks, yellow, blues, so lovely together.
We cross over a bridge, past a row of houses, all reminding me of my favorite painter Thomas Kinkade.  Heaven is like a Thomas Kinkade painting, only it's real and I get to live here.
My husband is smiling and pulling me faster, the warm breeze picking up and ruffling my hair.  How can I be so happy? I think, but happiness is an expectation here.  It last for ever.
Soon we are among a group of people.  The sunlight is slanting down on them and the large picnic table filled with all sorts of food.  They look at me, all smiles, their love reaching out to me and filling me with warmth.  I recognize Mama and Grandmama, my husband's parents, and many more, but my eyes are drawn to the tall woman whom I've never met.  Great Grandmother, I realize, taking in the knowledge that flows like a river here in Heaven.  She is beautiful with her warm brown eyes and dimpled smile.  My husband ushers me forward and we embrace.  Then we're all sitting around the table eating, lauging, and enjoying eternal life. At the head of the table sits a Man.  I immediately know who He is and smile gratefully.  He sacrifised a lot for this day, but now we're all here together in a place that knows no ending. 
I reach out and take my husband's hands and feel his love reach out to me.  "I told you about this day," he says.  
When my husband and I were on earth, he talked about the years we would have in eternity--our lives in Heaven.  And now we're here and it's more than my mind could imagine. 
"I love you," I say without words.  "I want to spend every second with you."
"We have not just seconds," he says.  "We have eternity." 
I turn to look at my husband and he regards me warmly, then I concentrate on the large slice of chocolate cake sitting in front of me.



what a wonderful thought....was always told heaven would be what ever I wanted it to be like, all my cats, dogs, birds...yeah, even the fish...I\'ve had over the years....trees to climb, dirt roads to walk, mountains to look at, a lake to fish in....yep, gonna be great.....to be able to fish in the lake with bigbear again.

Wow! It sounds absolutely wonderful. I can\'t wait to go to heaven myself. I have a lot of family and loved ones in heaven. What a day of rejoicing that will be for me. I am looking forward to it immensely. Life on earth is full of troubles and tribulations and sorrow that is for sure. I can\'t wait to get to heaven. From Diane B.

Beautiful story and a wonderful \"glimpse\" of heaven. It will truly be fantastic! No more trials or sorrows will be a glorious time.

Beautiful, the best part about the chocolate cake is we don\'t have to worry about calories anymore! LOL