A Tad Teed

Argh, I'm a little bit angry, and I know when Joey get's home he will get mad at me for being mad, then I will feel like I was wrong.
He went to work at the pizza place tonight, it's his second job three to four days a week.  No biggie.  Then he swung in at about 7pm, to grab some supper, as he get's tired of pizza.  I always have it packed and waiting for him.  He tells me it's so slow he should be home within the hour.  So 9pm rolls around, and I assume it got busy so I don't worry.  Then 9:30pm he texts me to tell me he will be home soon.  I text back to ask if he is closing.  He says no.  That's it.  It's now 11:30pm and he is neither home nor has he bothered to tell me where he is or anything.
I had today off, so I had burned a movie and gotten everything ready to snuggle in and watch a film, all I had to do was pop the popcorn, and he just figured he would pull a powder.
It's been 5 years on Feb.7th.  And he has never given me reason to think he is cheating.  But things like this make me very uneasy.  My ex was a cheater, and he used to do these things.  And in hindsight it was blatantly obvious, but I never caught it.  So now I'm sitting here wondering if I'm missing another obvious sign, or if I am over reacting. 
I don't understand why it is so freaking hard to pick up the phone and let me know.  Or you know, if your going to just piss off, then maybe send a text telling me your not coming home because you know your ass is gonna be skinned.