A Night on the Town

I am spending so much money that I dont have. Is this a sign of an increasing manic episode. Oh dear I hope not. Last night I went out with Jay and Katie and some of their friends. We went to Rodizio's, a some what expensive adventure. Then afterwords we went for drinks at the 27th floor of the Hyatt Regency. I know that I should not be spending this money I have nothing but debt and I am trying to find a job so that I can loose that burden on top of my sholders. I volunteer a lot and I think that I need to look aggresivly at the job hunt. I want to start working but I just cant get the right job for me, I want something that will fit and be exciting for me. Something that I can be proud of. Denver does not have the best jobs out there but I think that if I took hard enough for the job that I want I will get it. I dont want to work at Starbucks or anything like that I cant work in a resturant because idont like the movement of them and they are very stressfunl. Working with money I dont like either becauseĀ I think that I am going to make a mistake and then have to count back. I am at the Museum of Nature and Science and I am so tired from all the drinking that we did last night. I am here at the front desk and I get bored sometimes so that is why I am writing while working. But I need to get back to work and my emails.