A New Year with Old Worries

I had meant to journal after I got the results of my ultrasound but Christmas got hectic.  The Doctor emailed me and said that the results were fine nothing she saw to worry about.  So I tried to do just that and not to worry.  Which worked for most of the month of December.  It is a very busy month so it is easier to do.  Also in my last journal I was worried about pressure in the top of my head, it turned out to be sinus pressure and it (thankfully) resolved itself.  Also the fatigue has been a lot better. I am still tired but not the level of fatigue I was experiencing. 
Christmas was good it was very awesome to not be in the hospital because last year my middle child had a burst appendix on Christmas.  New years was good, I was in bed by 10 because my LO is still getting up at least once and usually twice.  She is 7mths and now old enough to sleep through the night but apparently she doesn't know that!
So now I am in the new year and I was still doing good until this week.  I started my period last sunday it was fairly heavy but not to terribly awful.  The last couple of days I have been noticing the pubic bone pain again.  Not that it ever totally went away but it wasn't as bad.  So maybe it is connected to my cycle.  My doctor had thought that it was due to ovalation but it wouldn't hurt now if that was the case.  Bascially it is on the left hand side, the pubic bone and the "sitting bones" which I think is called ischium.  It is mostly the pubic bone with it every once in awhile a flash of pain on the left side ischium.  Maybe it is nerve pain and not the actual bone itself I am not sure.  Sometimes it is a pinching pain sometimes it is more a general pain.  Like I can feel it right now on my left side.  Is it nerve damage or a cyst but if it was a cyst wouldn't it have been seen in the ultrasound and wouldn't she have mentioned it?  The reason I wonder if it is a nerve is because I can sometimes feel it in my knee on the left side. 
Also I never had this problem until after I gave birth to my daughter, yes I have had pelvic pain for years and had ultrasounds and a ct scan that came back as a cyst.  But the pain has always been in the abdomen this is in the pubic bone, so it worries me.  Also I worry that maybe it has something to do with the random pains  I get in my bum which I have always attributed to my hemorrhoids but my anxiety ridden brain wants to use this new pain to say it is something more dire.  I had a barium enema done 3 or 4 years ago and they saw nothing. 
Lets face it, I am getting wound up because I fear it is cancer of some kind either ovarian cancer(especially since I have been bloated and gassy lately and to my anxiety goggles my stomach looks bigger) or colon cancer depending on where the pain is at that moment.  I don't want to go to the doctor.  They more then likely think I an a hypochondriac and lets face it I am.  Reading my older journal entries I sound like I am about to have a nervous breakdown at any moment.  I don't want to go back to that mind frame and as tired as I am and with the odd pains I have it would be really easy to do.  I just want to be with my family, raise my kids, be a great wife to my husband, and a good Christian woman.  And all of those things suffer when I go down that road. 
So what now?  Idk.  I will give it a couple of days see what the pains do.  See if now that my period is over if it will get better.  So please Pray for me and my situation.