A New School Year

I really enjoy school. I am now a pre-med student who will hopefully go one to become a psychiatrist. a long time in school and a lot of effort in those classes but I am dedicated to this work and to helping people like I was helped. I think that I am going to by the iPad2 at the school bookstore because I can get about $340 off the retail price of the product. It is also redefining the way that we all learn in the classroom. And now that I am studying the brain I need any supplemental help I can get my hands on. I am already going to go to the Supplemental instruction sessions at the learning resource center at UCD, but I can always use more help. With this major I will be working constantly and time for outside activities will be limited if not stopped completely. Already this weekend I have had many invitations to go out, however, I have had to turn people down because I am not drinking or smoking to insure that my cognitive functions stay intact so I may study and work with no interference. I need this iPad and I think that I will get it on Tuesday. 
Luke comes into town soon, he is looking to purchase a new car. Well a new/used truck before he goes on to his new job in New York. He is going to a farm in up state NY. I am happy for him because I think that he needs this and it will be a good change. Some of the people that he is working for now are screwing him and he is somewhat confused as to what to do about some of the issues he is facing. I am trying to talk to him but I can't get him on the phone and then when I do get him on the phone it is a bad time for me, but without speaking to him I cannot help him. He will be here soon and I am hoping that his presence here will not inter fear with me and my school work. 
I'm watching the Social Network to boost my motivation to work hard in school, so I am going to focus on that. 
Goodnight moon.