A Little Bit More Stress

More stress, just when I don't need it!
First off, my computer freezes often, so when I am posting something I often copy it so that if my computer glitches and doesn't post it I don't have to retype it, just paste it.  While doing something on the computer, Joey tried to copy and paste something.  He messed up the copy, and what he pasted was my post.  I was sitting beside him and I jumped and quickly deleted it.  He got offended that I would reach over when he was on the computer and delete something, and maybe I over reacted, but daily strength is my sanctuary.  I go here to be away from my life!  And the post was nothing bad, it wasn't about him or his family or any of the other stressors I deal with.  But now he's suspicious of this site.  And he told me that if it was nothing bad I would show him my profile.  But, like I said, I vent about him and his family on here, and I don't want him to see it!  So now I'm upset about that, and he's upset about the fact that I told him no, this was for me and I didn't want him to enter into it.  I get why he is upset, I do, but I need him to get why I said no. 
Then, my sister is causing me more grief.  I have been watching my nephew, she agreed to pay me.  Well, in three months she has paid me 200 bucks.  Her man got a job that has been paying him a fair amount, and they spend about 1000 on new dogs.  Plus, he bought a new iPhone 4.  They paid off their bills, like rent and phone bills and cable and what not.  And they gave me nothing.  So I called her on it, and she got defensive and told me they would pay me more this month.  Then she said that if we would just stop being stubborn and Joey would go work the job her bf is, then we wouldn't be having problems.
Her bf works on a job that is 15 days out of town, 6 days in, sometimes more days out and less days in.  It works for them, fine.  But Joey and I sat down and decided that we would sacrifice the money he could make working out of town so that he could be home every night.  It was our decision, and it bother's me that everyone thinks it was a stupid one.  I used to babysit a little girl who's dad worked out of town.  One day he came to pick her up, and she didn't know who he was!  She sobbed and clung to me, scared of this stranger!  We don't want that, and it won't necessarily happen, but it's still not a risk we want to take.
I've emailed, dropped off and faxed almost 30 resumes out but no one has even so much as called me for an interveiw! That's bumming me out.  I do need specific hours, but 5pm until close at any business doesn't seem that bad.  I mean, I could work at a store that's open until 2am fine and dandy.  Or I could do part time.  But if I have to work a day job and we have to pay daycare then I would be making next to nothing.  So that's stressing me out too!
I just want life to be easier!  Ugh.